As designers and craftsman, we work together to create spaces that exhibit artistic expression and old world craftsmanship. This process, combined with our abilities and experience, allows us to deliver distinctively designed and quality built landscapes and stoneworks.


landscape design

Throughout southeastern CT and the shoreline, we have designed one-of-a-kind landscapes and stoneworks for individual homeowners, couples, families and businesses that have exceeded their expectations.


Looking for the perfect plant combinations in your landscape? We have the knowledge and training to select and install annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We use premier nursery stock from reputable local growers.


We have extensive experience working with various stone types in the landscape. We are known for our attention to detail. Typical stone projects we build are walls, patios, fire pits, walkways, and steps.


In the landscape, the key to transforming a mundane or worn out space is design. A successful comfortable outdoor space that flows and functions and is visually interesting takes professional planning and design.

This is where we come into the picture. We use our education and extensive experience in creating landscapes and stoneworks to generate unique site solutions.

At the heart of every memorable landscape is the idea or the concept. Here at ATD we arrive at this through the design process. We work closely with clients to develop a strong unique vision that exhibits aesthetic qualities and meets their needs and budgets.


The Design Process

An initial meeting at your residence or business is followed up by a site visit where we collect measurements and photographs of the proposed area(s) of work. Once we have gathered all the required existing site information, we begin designing your new, unique outdoor space. Upon completion, we present your new design to you at your residence or business so you can truly visualize the transformation.     



Anthony Tavares of ATD has been featured in numerous local publications, contributing thoughts and insights on the topics of landscape design, landscaping and stonework. Anthony studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Connecticut where he has been invited back as a guest design critic and lecturer.


In creating landscapes, having a strong vision alone won't get you the outdoor space you've been planning. It's the combination of talented designers and skilled craftsman working together that makes the difference. Once the design and all the details have been completed, it's time to put the final touches on transforming your landscape.

At ATD, we call this the Build Process. Our experience and knowledge of plants, landscape materials, building techniques, equipment, and design provides us with everything we need to build your new landscape.

Designing and building landscapes and stoneworks is something that we love to do. We take what's on paper and turn it into reality.



Selections from our landscapes portfolio

Before and After

Before and After


Working with stone is something that comes naturally to us. We are well versed in the process of working with stone, and believe that the beauty and characteristics of stone are revealed during the building process.

Each piece of stone is unique in shape, color and size. In the moment, we draw upon our education, experience and instincts to select and place a piece of stone. This choice, selection and placement can be driven by structural or aesthetic purposes. The combination and balance of the material and the craftsman is what makes a stoneworks project come to life.

At ATD, typical stoneworks projects include walls, patios, steps, fire pits, edging, driveways and aprons. We use a variety of stone types such as fieldstone, granite, bluestone, aggregates and pavers (manmade product).


Selections from our stoneworks portfolio

Before and After

Before and After


Selections from our portfolio